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“Dr. Buddenhagen sounds pretty good [to me],” junior John Buddenhagen said while fantasizing about his aspiration to obtain an M.D. Ph.D.

Buddenhagen, previously a Tobin College of Business marketing major, is currently a biology major in St. John’s College. He says he feels much more challenged and able to use all of his abilities to the maximum.

“I was sitting around every day and just being disinterested,” Buddenhagen said. “I didn’t think I could have a positive effect. I wasn’t doing all I could do, or [using] all of my talents to the best [of my ability], almost like getting by with doing only the minimum.”

In his journey from businessman to aspiring doctor, Buddenhagen has developed a deep love for his field of study.

“Biology is inspiring, relevant, and makes sense to me because it’s reductionist and you can reduce it down to the simplest form and it still makes sense.”

Buddenhagen looks to become an orthopedic surgeon.

“I am interested in research too,” he said.

Although Buddenhagen claims to truly love biology, studying for it is no piece of cake.

“I will read the book three to four times and the notes about 15 times,” he said. “Sometimes it just gets to the point when it is sick and compulsive.”

Some would say that this is the price of a high GPA; Buddenhagen currently has a 3.94.

Aside from his class work, Buddenhagen holds a job in Recreation Sports. As Intramural supervisor, Buddenhagen can proudly state that work for him is an enjoyable experience.

“I really enjoy my job,” he said. “I mean how much better can it be?”

At St. John’s University, Buddenhagen plays an important role at SGI as representative of Tobin College (due to his major change). Buddenhagen aspires to become the next president of SGI and through this he plans to “be a great ticket for accountability and organization” for SGI.

Buddenhagen and his ticket members plan to “work on addressing the gap between students and members, let people know what SGI is, what they do, and the activities they support.”

When Buddenhagen isn’t studying or at work, he tends to lend his time and knowledge to those in need of it, namely seventh graders at St. John the Baptist middle school.

“I teach them the basis of micro biology as part of my service learning experience,” he said. “It’s a challenge because I know that their main focus isn’t learning, so to say. Seventh grade boys have other priorities on their minds, and I have to try my best to put micro biology before them.”

Through the slew of things that Buddenhagen has to care about in life he claims, “My favorite people would have to be my girlfriend and my dad, they are both just so meaningful to me and they would both do anything for me and I would do the same.”

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