Szczesny wins SGI vice presidency

Steven Szczesny won the recent Student Government, Inc., vice-presidential election by a landslide with approximately 312 votes.

Overall voter turnout for this year’s SGI elections totaled 459, an increase of 7.5 percent from last year’s elections.

Szczesny’s nearest competitor, Jomisett Jimenez, garnered approximately 90 votes while the third-place candidate, Diana Lounsbury, had approximately 40 votes.

Other winners for next year’s executive board of Student Government included John Buddenhagen as president, Katie Hougas as secretary and Dan King as treasurer.

Three senators were also victorious, although students were unable to cast votes for the candidates. A problem with the voting machines caused the names of the three senators, Andrew Tealer, Michael Perez and Shakira Weir, to be removed from the ballots.

However, because the positions were uncontested, voting was not required in order for the three students to win their respective positions as the new senior, junior and sophomore senators.

Now that they have been elected, the newest executive board members have big plans for the future of Student Government and St. John’s as a whole.

“I know that John and I have been very active in the traditions committee and Campus Activities Board and trying to make traditions, be it homecoming or concerts,” Szczesny said. “We want to continue that progress we’ve made. That’s one of the biggest things we’re trying to do.”

King agreed and added that there are also plans in the works to help improve the situation within SGI.

“We’re looking at maybe restructuring how the floor is set up to keep people involved and to entice people,” King said. “One of the things that we’d really like to do as part of our platform is increase Student Government benefits or creating an incentive program for students to become involved.”