Admissions new trend favors men

In a recent study made by USA Today, it was revealed that various colleges and universities, private and public alike, have taken to favoring young men over women in the admissions office because of the disproportionate male to female ratios.

If more women are applying to places of higher education, and if those women are studying harder, going the extra mile to make it for their families and society as a whole, why should the university administrations attempt to put a stop to this? Why should they forfeit a woman’s opportunity to study and develop, for the likes of a less qualified man?

The American job market is a jungle today; the youth of our society is doing the best that it can to prepare itself for the hardships to come. The American youth is diverse and no one should be excluded.

Instead of raising the bar for women who aspire to attend college, high school administrators should attempt to discover the root of the problem.

Why are so many young men not using their full potential?

Public initiatives and programs dedicated to keeping young men on the right track will indeed leave a legacy for years to come.