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 Newest Releases


Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter had a lot of trouble finding a record label willing to sign a 35-year-old Canadian pop artist, but Warner Brothers eventually picked him up. After spending last year in Europe promoting his album and performing at Live 8, Powter broke into the U.S. charts with his popular single, “Bad Day,” which is reminiscent of the sounds of James Blunt. With the single currently toping Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, a second single, “Lie to Me,” out and his album, Daniel Powter seeing commercial success, it looks like Powter is going to have anything but a bad day.


Rascal Flatts

Me and My Gang

Composed of Gary Levox, Jay Demarcus and Joe Don Rooney, this country trio’s new CD is sure to please old fans and new this spring. A follow up to the 2004 hit album Feels Like Today, and the success of their single “Bless This Broken Road,” a song about finding love through adversity. This CD is full of much of the same meaningful lyrics as all their CDs since their debut in 2000. Packed with love songs and country twang, Me and My Gang is full of truth.


Drive-By Truckers

A Blessing and a Curse

After forming in 1996, the Drive-By Truckers released a few indie southern rock CDs before releasing the album that acted as their claim to fame, The Southern Rock Opera, a two disc CD that is based loosely on the history of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Since then, they have released a plethora of CDs about everyday life for the past decade. They tried to emulate Lynard Skynard with a three-guitar sound and did it successfully. Their new CD offers fresh insight into the band and helps add to the continued success of their southern rock sound.


LL Cool J

Todd Smith

James Todd Smith, or LL Cool J as his fans call him, released his new CD. It is his 16th since he debuted on the music scene in 1985. LL Cool J has been mildly successful as an actor, starring in films such as SWAT, but has been nothing short of outstanding as a singer and rapper. The CD lists the hit single “Control Myself,” featuring Jennifer Lopez.


Saves The Day

Sound The Alarm

This Jersey native punk-pop band formed in 1994 and has been jumping labels and band members ever since. The CD is filled with the truths of life and love and relates to the music of bands like Green Day as well as Dashboard Confessional. With a tour to help support the new album, Saves the Day is getting their sound out there. This new CD also marks the return of the band to Vagrant Records where they had their earlier successes. Some may find it to be nostalgic of the older albums.