Student Sparks

“I’m still going to use SJU. I’m not against STJ, [but] I’m so used to saying SJU. I’m only a freshman. STJ just doesn’t go together, it doesn’t flow” -Emily Hodges


“As a student who is actively involved in Student Government, I feel I have a responsibility when discussing St. John’s to refer to it as STJ, but in reality I have always known it as SJU. This is similar to Carnesecca Arena. I know I should be calling it “Carnesecca” but it is more a force of habit to say “Alumni.” – Larry King

“If I’m talking with friends I’d guess I’d call it SJU just because more people know it that way, but officially I feel like because I’m a part of an organization that we have to call it STJ in chants and cheers and stuff like that.” – Kristen Holby