Being a middle child in his collegiate prime, it is Steven Szczesny’s time to shine. As a junior in St. John’s College, the government and politics major is flourishing on campus.

Szczesny maintains a 3.6 grade point average while actively participating in numerous campus organizations. He is the newly-elected vice president of Student Government Inc., and also holds positions in his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, and the Campus Activities Board.

“He is a diligent, tireless, hard worker,” said John Buddenhagen, the newly-elected president of SGI. “He takes on every task on a personal level and is one of the most reliable people with an enormous demonstration of character at all times.”

In addition to his campus involvement, Szczesny has also contributed to aiding the poor of New York City through his work in V.I.T.A.L., a group that is dedicated to the Vincentian promise of service and aid to the poor.

“I was terrified to be around strangers,” Szczesny said. “I was nervous; I had never been in the presence of homeless people before. But after we settled down and broke the ice, it turned out to be a very calming and enriching experience. There was nothing to be nervous about after all.”

As a part of V.I.T.A.L., Szczesny has also participated in many Midnight Runs, feeding the homeless of New York.

Szczesny has had much guidance on the path to becoming the man he is today.

“At first, like most boys, I idolized my father,” Szczesny said. “Then as I became a teenager, my role model became my older brother, Rich. However, once I came to St. John’s I found yet another mentor.”

Szczsney’s brother Rich was featured as a Campus Spotlight in Feb. 2, 2005 issue of The Torch.

“I met Louis Saavedra at my freshman orientation,” Szczesny continued. “He is the man who turned me on to SGI. I told him and then-President Fabrice Armand that I would take their job in four years. Four years later, I am working in the former office of my mentor, Louis Saavedra.”

As Szczesny has come to demonstrate, he has the determination and potential to achieve any goal he sets his mind to.

He is not just about the work, however. Szczesny also knows how to have fun. His favorite pastime is wiffle ball, a sport he loves. He also gets great joy out of caring for his hamsters, Mr. Nibbles and Gator.

“They are the perfect college pets,” Szczesny said. “They sleep during the day and they’re awake all night. They have the same sleep schedule I do.”