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In January the WB and UPN Networks announced their plan to create a new television network, the CW which will be broadcast on the former WB channels come this fall. CW stands for the C in CBS Research the company that ones UPN and the W stands for the W in Warner Brothers. Each company owns 50 percent of the network.
The fall line-up was released this week and included many of the two networks mainstays, including “Gilmore Girls”, “Veronica Mars”, “One Tree Hill” and “Smallville”. In a surprise movie the line-up includes a revival of the series “7th Heaven” which had been cancelled by the WB due to cost after this season. Another show that makes the move is “WWE Smackdown” one of UPN’s biggest shows.
As a WB fan I am upset with this new network and the changes to the line-up. The family drama “Everwood” did not make the cut and many of the new shows like “Pepper Dennis” and “The Bedford Diaries” are also being cancelled after this season. The CW is going to take over in September.
What bothers me is not the fact that they cancelled my favorite show or brought back a show that was already announced dead but, the fact that neither network is advertising on television the change over. The CW is all over the web with the announcement of the new line-up yet on television they are giving no indication that anything is changing or that shows are being cancelled.
“7th Heaven” just had its series finale and now it’s being revived. As for shows like “Everwood” there is no change in how the show is paced or any news about the show ending. They are advertising the season finale just like it would be coming back in the fall and fans are going to get a surprise when it only returns for syndication in the fall.
“Everwood” was slated to take the Monday at 8pm time slot where “7th Heaven” currently stands. If the cast will not resign for an 11th season it is possible that “Everwood” could take the slot after all.
Shows like “Reba” are cancelled as of right now but could return as a midseason filler and the CW also has a few new pilots to air this fall.
Other shows like “America’s Next Top Model”, “Supernatural”, “Everybody Hates Chris” and “Girlfriends” will all be back in the fall.