Flames of the Torch

After a year of hardships, ranging from a rape on campus to students’ feelings of discontent in the Residence Village to failed health inspections, the coming year promises improvement and growth.
One of the elements of the University’s attempt at a clean slate is the inauguration of the new executive board of Student Government, Inc. Headed by
senior John Buddenhagen, the F.O.C.U.S. ticket hopes to change the image of the governing body. Plagued by problems throughout the 2005-2006 academic year, such as trouble meeting quorum, lack of presence on campus and countless members resigning from their posts, the new executive board plans to work hard to make the group more cohesive and more well-known across campus.
Another new beginning for the University is Ed Kull’s promotion to director of athletics marketing. The department has had difficulty reaching out to students in recent years. A survey conducted in Feb. 2006 found that only a small number of students, 15 percent to be exact, felt that the marketing department was doing a good job. Just a few short months later, students were once again disappointed upon the official announcement that St. John’s would change its logo from SJU to STJ, a decision made by the University but that would affect athletics greatly. However, with Kull at the helm now, the department is looking to change its image and attract some positive attention.
In addition, the University recently completed its Capital Campaign, raising approximately $271 million over an eight-year period. Started in 1999, the original campaign goal was only $100 million. After much successful fundraising however, and 47 gifts of $1 million or more, the goal was increased. The completion of the University’s fundraising efforts have allowed for the establishment of 80 new endowed scholarships and chairs.
St. John’s is on the rise once again.
The class of 2010 can look forward to their own chance to start anew while the University does the same.