Save The Last Dance


After performing four consecutive shows with seemingly endless technical and rehearsal schedules, Alpha Psi Omega. St. John’s theater society, will be hosting its annual spring concert.

The Dance Concert, directed by Leanne M. G-Bowley and presented by Alpha Psi Omega, is a compilation of music and dance styles showcasing student performers and choreographers. For 90 minutes, the audience will be entertained with pieces like “Hustle” and a Hip Hop Battle. In keeping with St. John’s theme of diversity, several music genres will be performed including an Indian Veil Dance (“Chal Chaiyya”), break dancing, ballet, modern dance and jazz.

Student choreographers including Alex Pereira, Kassandra Matthews, Rebecca Lynn Wheelwright, and Brandon Collins were joined by several alums for this concert. Together they selected songs like “My Generation,” “Goodbye My Lover,” and “Touch The Sky,” creating stories for each piece through dance. A major theme in each piece is change, whether romantically or in attitude.

The dancers in this year’s Dance Concert have the privilege to be the last to spin, trot and fly across the stage. The Little Theatre will be revamped once renovations start in May.

The concert is Thursday and Friday (April 27 and 28) at 8 p.m. Tickets are available on the Great Lawn during common hour on Thursday April 27, as well as at the Spring Fling Carnival. Tickets for St. John’s students are $5, $6 for non-St. John’s students and seniors, and $7 for non-St. John’s adults.