Torch Guide to Local Eats


Crepes and bubble tea are the main offerings at one of the newest dining locations on Union Turnpike.
The menu of available crepes is extensive, ranging from the traditional fruit-filled dessert crepe to more elaborate sandwich crepes, filled with turkey, roast beef and various other sandwich elements. An extensive tea menu is also available. Hot and cold, bubbles or no bubbles, the choice is yours. Various flavors are also offered, from the traditional black and green teas to numerous fruit-flavored teas.
The décor is simple and white. Walls, counter and furniture are all a simplistic, clean shade of white. Seating for approximately 12 is available, and furniture is in an art deco style. And while the dining area is immaculately sleek and clean, the area behind the counter, which serves as the kitchen, takes away from the atmosphere.
With all of its attempts at being a chic, hip bistro, Crepe N’ Tearia is a reasonably priced alternative to the fast food offerings available near campus. Daily specials offer a crepe and tea for around $7, while prices for single servings of either range from just slightly more than a dollar to the $7 combo price.

Food- 4.5/5
Decor- 4/5
Cost- 1.5/5
Service- 5/5


Located on Union Tpke., Fame Diner is known for its traditional diner staples, i.e. hamburgers and milkshakes, with a variety of specialty sandwiches.
One particular is the BLT, a delectable sandwich good to the last bite.
Service is usually prompt, depending on the size of the crowd and amount of staff present.
With every diner, there is an “eat at your own risk” element, with a variety of pricing. Certain meals can be unappetizing, but locals tend to find them selves going back due to its comfortable environment.
Fame is actually exceptional in cost, making it sufficient for college students to eat on the cheap, keeping a wallet full, in addition to a stomach.
Although the food is not always up to the ultimate dining standard, it is convenient and cost efficient- something every college student can appreciate.
Food- 3/5
Decor- 3/5
Cost- 2.5/5
Service- 4/5


On Union Tpke., two Italian restaurants compete for the hearts, and stomachs, of the St. John’s populous: Vincenzo’s and Acquista Trattoria. If you want to take your significant other out for the evening, Acquista’s (as it is affectionately called) is definitely the way to go.
But if you just need a bite to eat with some of your buddies and cannot afford to break the bank on a meatball parmigiana hero, then Vincenzo’s is your go-to paisan.
Decorated with mobster posters reminiscent of My Cousin Vinny, Vincenzo’s is a small pizzeria with personality, and reasonable prices to boot; not to mention the pizza (especially their chicken slices) are delicious.

Food- 4/5
Decor- 3/5
Cost- 3/5
Service-4 /5