News Overshadowed: The BackPages of 9/11

Airlines Block Rules on Pilots’ Hours
By Matthew L. Wald

A plan by the Federal Aviation Administration to strictly enforce rules on the number of continuous hours a pilot may work has been blocked by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, on a motion by the airlines. The F.A.A. said in May that it would give the airlines six months to reform their schedules to ensure that pilots had a minimum of 8 hours rest in any 24-hour period or they would have to delay their next flight. The agency said this was a re-statement of existing rules, but the airlines said the F.A.A. had changed its rules without soliciting comment from them, and they sued. The airlines asked that the agency’s interpretation of its rules be thrown out, along with its plan to conduct strict enforcement. A three-judge panel stayed the strict enforcement, pending a hearing in January.

Northern Ireland: Arrests Trouble U.S. Envoy
By Warren Hoge

President Bush’s special envoy to Northern Ireland, Richard Haass, said he would raise last month’s arrest in Colombia of three suspected Irish Republican Army men charged with giving weapons instruction to guerrillas there when he meets with Gerry Adams, president of the I.R.A.’s political wing. Mr. Haass, who said the United States had ”important national interests” in Colombia, spoke after meeting Britain’s Northern Ireland secretary, John Reid, in London.

Queens: Two Shot After Dispute
By Daniel J. Wakin

A gunman fired on a man and a woman inside a garage at Lefrak City last night after a dispute, the police said. The wounded couple were inside a car that then sped out of the garage and collided with another car at the corner of 57th Avenue and 97th Street. The man, whose name was not released but who the police said is 32 years old, was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. The woman, 21, also unidentified, was in serious condition with a wound to her face, the police said.

Traced on Internet, Teacher is Charged in ’71 Jet Hijacking
By C.J. Chivers

Patrick Dolan Critton, 54-year-old former black power revolutionary, is arrested by federal agents 30 years after he hijacked Air Canada jetlin-er from Ontario to Cuba; was working as teacher in Mount Vernon, NY; is charged with armed robery and extortion; faces extradition to Canada, where detectives tracked him down through simple Internet search; had been hiding in plain sight for last seven years, working as schoolteacher, using real name, raising two sons and mentoring other children.