United 93

Sept. 11, 2006 is a day that no one will forget. As with most catastrophic events, there are journals and photos that chronicle the events that took place. Unfortunately, there were few recorded accounts from that dreadful day. Despite the limited reports, however, with the aid of enough research and a few survivors, Hollywood was able to recreate some of the incidents that happened. Beyond the wide release films United 93 and World Trade Center, A&E made a documentary that followed the happenings of Flight 93, the fourth plane that was hijacked but never got to its destination, crashing in Pennsylvania instead. The television special is aptly named “Flight 93.” Dating a little further back to 2002, CBS’s documentary, “9/11,” which was originally a documentary following a rookie firefighter, ended up being the only known footage from within the Twin Towers that day. The two French filmmakers Gedeon and Jules Naudet continued to film following the day’s events trailing the firemen and women who risked their lives attempting to rescue those who they could.