Elegance & Simplicity

Have you ever looked in your closet and have been faced with this dilemma: two shirts and only one pair of perfect jeans to complete them? Here is the perfect solution. Instead of re-running your jeans, changing your outfit altogether, or waiting until laundry day, now you can put both shirts together.

This season it’s all about the layers from shirts, to belts, to skirts and leggings. So now you don’t have to worry about re-running your jeans you can wear both shirts. As long as you can bring them together on some common ground and they don’t take away from each other, but instead compliment each other.

Try a plain polo layered with a graphic tee or a pull over sweater. Thick stacked belts add class and femininity to even ultra sexy outfits. But whatever you choose, make sure to think “bright color is right.” Incorporate color in your wardrobe this season before it’s too late — winter is steadily approaching.

Another big trend this season are prints on shirts, sneakers, and bags. Coming back with a vengeance is the new patchwork Coach bag, and of course there’s always the ever-so-popular Louis Vuitton bag. Leading in prints footwear are Vans and Keds. Before you make a face like, “Keds? Nobody wears Keds anymore,” think again. A good shoe is a good shoe no matter who makes it. Printed shirts have always brought life to even the dullest outfit, but now they are even more of a fashion necessity this season.

A fashion faux pas this season is the combustion of several trends together, like suspenders and leggings under shorts. Beware and be fashion conscious and you’ll be fine.