Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor

With the expectations being set fairly high by his mentor, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco proved to back up the hype surrounding his newly released album, Food and Liquor. Although one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Fiasco did not get his nerves rattled, sticking to his goal of giving the public a new feel to hip-hop. Although some tracks may be disappointments, Fiasco makes up for them with an album that can be looked at as an overall success.

The young artist from Chicago, Illinois, who is signed to 1st and 15th Productions/Atlantic Records, acts as a new sound to enter the hip-hop scene. His unique style suggests that he aims to set himself apart from his competition.

By implementing classical piano tunes, rock and roll guitar riffs, and traditional keyboard melodies into a plethora of urban beats, Fiasco successfully creates a new sound that is attracting more and more listeners. Listeners such as Pharrell, who has decided to have Lupe Fiasco tour with him next year, and spread his unorthodox talents throughout the country.

With tracks like “I Gotcha”, “The Instrumental”, and “American Terrorist”, it is clearly evident that Fiasco seems to effortlessly combine different genres of music into one style, while still maintaining a hip-hop theme.

The hit single, “Kick, Push” is also a prominent example of how Fiasco blends his lyrics with various melodies that compliment the overall vibe of the song.

No matter what type of music you enjoy, you will not be able to refrain from tapping your fingers and bobbing your head while listening to Food and Liquor. It is an album worth purchasing, as Fiasco is seemingly destined to blossom into a hip-hop icon, and perhaps even join the likes of his adviser, Jay-Z. If you like works of Nas, Pharrell, Jay-Z, and other artists that have successfully synchronized meaningful lyrics with ear pleasing musical composition, then Food and Liquor is for you.