Revamping Campus Activities

It is the beginning of another academic school year at St. John’s University and along with a sea of fresh faces, upperclassmen look forward to the hundreds of fliers from different organizations promoting their upcoming events. Thanks to the Director of Campus Activities, Damien Duchamp, the 2006-2007 academic year is expected to be the greatest in several years.

“Join this group, come to this meeting and get involved. After all, we are paying an activities fee for a reason,” is something students hear from advisors, deans and even peers. They are urged to get involved.

“Classroom education is not enough,” Duchamp said. “Students need to be involved more outside of the classroom as they are inside, that’s what employers look for in a potential employee.”
Duchamp pointed out that not enough students participate in the on-campus activities or organizations. In light of this, changes have already been made to attract students.

Recently, SJU students have broke last year’s records at the Welcome Back Concert and Latin Heritage Week, but Duchamp still feels that there is room for growth.

With the return of the usual events from Haraya, the Caribbean Students’ Association, Greek Life and Student Government, Inc., Duchamp is bringing an event back to St. John’s that most universities have celebrated annually since their establishment: homecoming.

The meaning of “homecoming” is a coming to or returning home, an annual event at schools, colleges and universities for current students, but especially for alumni. This event stirs up the pride for their alma mater. Pride is an emotion that every student should have in his alma mater, which is one of the reasons that a homecoming will benefit the University.

Although St. John’s has not had a traditional football team since 2002, this year students will be celebrating the Red Storm men’s and women’s soccer teams, with a weeklong event called “Homecoming & Family Weekend,” which is taking place Oct. 15-22. With the breast cancer walk, student organization floats, and spirit flags, this event, years in the making, will be worth the wait.

Along with the new events planned, the usual opportunities will be available, such as $5 movie tickets, Thursday night events in Montgoris Dining Hall and Spring Fling. Other events are being brought back, such as bus trips to Manhattan, shopping outlets, and professional sporting events.

Duchamp expects feedback from all students who attend the events. Through St. John’s Central, every student will receive an e-mail consisting of a poll allowing students to express their honest opinions to help develop ideas for future events. The Campus Activities committee has even teamed up with the Student Government to mirror their policies.

For all those looking to get involved now is the time. With all that St. John’s and Campus Activities has to offer, the 2006-2007 school year is sure to be a good one.