Fall Fashions

Fall is here, which we all know can get kind of boring. Now it’s back to school: deadlines, tests, homework and getting up early. Just because things can get a little boring doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to suffer too. There are plenty of fun, stylish ways to wear your outfits and many you already own from your summer wardrobe. Your favorite clothes and accessories do not have to go into hibernation until next summer. Many popular things from the summer are still very popular for the fall. You just need to know how to wear it.

You know those miniskirts and shorts that you just hate saying goodbye to every summer? You don’t have to! They can still be worn but with hosiery underneath. No need to choose from just regular black hosiery; the stores are coming out with any color that you can think of, with different designs and patterns to spice up your look. There is also footless hosiery for an even cuter look. For those of you who aren’t crazy about hosiery, the leggings are back in full force. They are made in two different forms, one is thin like hosiery and the other molds to the legs but have stretch to them. These different outfits look great with any pair of boots (including ankle), flats or any other heel including your peep toe heels from the summer. Just stay away from any type of shoe that is too open such as heels with straps. All of these products can be found in almost any clothing store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them either. The stockings can be found at stores such as Target for only $4.95. This means you have extra money to get different colors and styles. If you are willing to spend a little more stores like Bebe, American Eagle, and Express also have the stockings and leggings with prices ranging from $14.50 to $18.00 for the stockings and $18.00 to $24.50 for leggings.

One thing everyone lives in during the summer is the flip flop. They are comfortable and convenient. Nothing compares to the comfort of flip flops, expect the ballet flats. They were everywhere this summer and will continue to stay in style throughout the fall. They come in nearly every color and style imaginable. They look adorable with your mini skirt and leggings too. If happen to be a jeans type of girl, matching the flats up with a pair of skinny jeans is another perfect look. Flats can be found in almost every shoe store. These range in different prices from $20.00 in stores such as Urban Outfitters to $49.50 in stores such as Nine West.

This fall is about color. For this reason, you need to keep out your golds and reds. No matter what your style, there is something for everyone to this fall. These styles let you put together a wardrobe that suits you the best and that you feel the most comfortable in.