Rush 101

“Go Greek,” “50 years of Greek excellence on campus,” “It’s not who you’ll become, it’s who you’ve always been,” all these slogans represent this years Formal Fall RUSH. So many things to remember and so many things to do. I’ve been in a sorority for a year and this is my first glimpse at the other side of RUSH. Let me tell you, it’s hectic. Between ordering shirts and picking themes and just trying to get the ball rolling again as the year starts, sometimes I feel like my head is spinning.

I remember my RUSH experience, it was so nerve-racking and I remember trying to just be myself and hope that people liked me. It sounds so horrible but, the more I see it now; you want people to know who you are and like you for that. Otherwise, nothing is going to work out. So, I hope all these new girls are being true to themselves because that’s all the Greek community is looking for. Real people, dedicated people, girls who want to do great things and be part of something special.

In the next two weeks, we will find those girls and those girls will find us. The Greek community will grow and a new generation will start. In round one, we start as 10 groups that the girls will color code. The girls are seen just as groups sent to see 10 sororities in one night. The goal is to be remembered on both ends.

By the end of the process, we are Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Phi Alpha, Delta Phi Epsilon, Kappa Phi Beta, Phi Sigma Sigma, Lambda Phi, Sigma Chi Zeta, Kappa Phi Lambda, Gamma Chi, Sigma Sigma Rho. The mass of faces has names associated with them and we have found new family. RUSH helps unite the Greek community; bring us together for a common goal.

Being in a sorority is about being a part of something special. It’s not about partying, whether you want to believe that or not, it’s about friendship and networking and finding people that believe in the same principles that you do. It’s about taking differences and making them strengths. Sorority life is about laughter and smiles and the good times. It’s about friends for life, sisters. It’s about working hard and managing your organization so it doesn’t fail.

RUSH is about finding the people who will keep your sorority strong and who want the same things that every other girl wants. It’s about finding people who believe in your motto and your history. For the potential new members, it’s about finding a family, a place to be. It’s about people who understand. This is what sorority is.