Flavor of Love

After weeks of faithful and devoted watching of “Flavor of Love,” the show is finally coming to an end. The ending has been prolonged from last Sunday to this Sunday, using last Sunday to recap moments that didn’t air. It’s down to two extremely different ladies, Ms. Delishis and Ms. New York, who is back for a second time, this time pulling out all the stops and hoping to win by ANY means necessary.

Delishis, a Detroit native and single mother of one, is hoping it’s her genuine personality alongside her bodacious body that helps her win over Flav’s heart. New York on the other hand, a New York native with an over-the-top personality and an even more over-the-top mother, is hoping her possessive and cocky ways win Flav’s heart in its entirety this time around. She refuses to go home empty handed. This is a tough decision because both women, are good for Flav in their own ways. But like New York said, “Flav always makes the right decision.” But will she still feel this way if she isn’t chosen once again?

Tonight is the final night and there’s been lots of hearsay going on about who the winner is before the final show aired tonight. In a recent interview with New York it is led to believe she was kicked off and in turn would be hosting her own Flavor of Love to find love, but there’s been no concrete evidence to confirm these leads. On the other hand, there’s been hearsay in a recent blog that Delishis has been kicked off and confirmed defeat to New York, by a Detroit banker, but still there’s no concrete proof.

It’s hard to pre-determine who he will choose because both girls have been playing the game to fullest, so it comes down the crazed drama queen and the backstabbing, bodacious beauty. So now it’s down to the fatal moment Delishis or New York? Delishis or New York who will he choose? So it’s down to the last minute and he chooses Delishis. According to New York to quote her once again, “Flav always makes the right decision.”

Just when we thought the ladies of Flavor were the only ones playing the game in the end so was Flav. He takes the final moments to recap all the wonderful things about New York and a few good things about Delishis, leading spectators to believe things were in New York’s favor. Only to later choose Delishis as his leading lady. Flav comments New York’s only flaw was her brief moment of acting like her mother on their one-on-one date. Maybe next time she’ll think before she speaks, but to no avail the reunion is next week and from the preview clips it looks like New York hasn’t learned her lesson. Even more intense than the show the ladies all lose their minds from provoking questions and comments.