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Hottest Major at St. John’s?

Whether you’re sitting on the Great Lawn with your friends or hanging out in the dorms, you’ll notice that people, including your friends, are all studying something different. You might encounter people studying pharmacy or journalism, chemistry or accounting, business or sports management. Whatever your interests, whatever your major- St. John’s has it. It might seem that there are a lot of people studying one major, or it might seem as if there are an equal number of students in each major. But haven’t you wondered what the most popular majors at St. John’s University are? You might say, “Yeah, my major is the best.” Not necessarily, if you look at the statistics.

According to the Princeton Review, the most popular majors at St. John’s are the following: communication studies/speech communication and rhetoric, criminal justice, pharmacy, and psychology. All of these majors lead to careers, which are, and always will be, necessary, regardless of location.

Princeton Review can provide the facts, but what is exactly the
number one major at St. John’s? St. John’s Office of Admissions
concluded pharmacy is the most popular major at the University.

But what makes pharmacy so special, that so many high school kids decide to major in it? And is it just popular particularly at St. John’s University, or nationwide?

Robert A. Mangione, dean in the College of Pharmacy & Allied Health Professions, and also a clinical professor of pharmacy, explained that one of the main reasons so many students choose to study pharmacy is because it really is a good profession with excellent pay. A student with a pharmacy degree can go into community practice, into industry,
work in a hospital, write or even teach.

“Pharmacy is big at St. John’s University also because of the special 6-year program, which is offered only at 14 other schools in the nation,” Mangione explained. “St. John’s isn’t necessarily selective.

A student needs a 1200 on their SAT’s (out of 1600), and at least an 85 average.”

Someone aspiring to be a pharmacist obviously should love science and math, but should also want to care for other people and have some interest in health. Currently, there is a shortage of pharmacists.

Because of this, a pharmacist can be financially successful. Money, however, isn’t all that matters.

But how is studying pharmacy seen through the eyes of a pharmacy student?

“I chose pharmacy because of the experience I had in my own community pharmacy, and find the growing field to be a very honest career, and the pharmacist is an integral part of society,” said Jake Freeman, a first year pharmacy student.

For Freeman, a love of chemistry was not a factor in his decision to go into pharmacy, but the idea of caring for individuals was influential on his decision.

“I really am really interested in being a retail pharmacist which has more of a focus on patient care, and that’s what I am really attracted to,” he said.

Of course, the opinion of one student does not necessarily have to be the opinion of others.

Pharmacy is just one major of many that attracts students to attend St. John’s. As for next year’s most popular major, who knows what the major of choice will be.

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