Monica bares her soul on new album

Despite Monica’s energetic single off of her new album, Makings of Me is anything but. Instead the singer and new mother serenades the listener with soft, emotional ballads about personal experiences she’s encountered as a woman; from heartbreak to moving on, and even finding ever-lasting love. Monica sings about it all with no holds barred, making this the perfect follow up to her exceedingly personal album, After the Storm. Overall it is one of the most thoughtfully composed albums telling a story from the good beginning, to the tragic middle and happy-ever-after ending.

Don’t be misled this isn’t all about tears and smiles. There are a few up-tempo, energetic songs that are danceable, but they still fit in place with the storyline. The title Makings of Me is extremely appropriate because Monica breaks down who she is by singing about her struggles and her joys, and how she’s dealt with both. After a two-year hiatus to begin a family, Monica burst back on the scene as a poised, matured and grounded woman.

According to Monica, in a recent one on one BET interview, her favorite track on Makings of Me is “Dozen Roses.” The song describes falling in love with a special man and how their love reminds her of all the tangible things she loves, but is better because it is intangible. Although this is one of the strongest tracks on the album, it isn’t the best. Bar far the best favorite track on the album is “Hell No.” Everyone, not just women, can relate to being in love and sticking by them who has hurt you in the past and then having the person leave them in the end. The song is comprised of powerful lyrics and heartfelt vocals.
Monica bares her soul on the new album and for that, it is a must buy.