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Last spring, when I found out that the WB and UPN were combining to form one network, I was furious. I loved the WB and never watched UPN. My favorite show was ending, a show that should have ended in the first place was coming back and was my favorite shows place. By this fall, when the CW did premiere, I was reluctant to tune in, but I couldn’t give up my favorite shows.

As it turned out, the CW isn’t so bad after all. As a matter of fact, it didn’t really change that much.

There is only one WB show I watched, Everwood, missing from the line-up and the other shows I never watched anyway, so it’s not a big deal right? Even better, I found a new show that I really like, Veronica Mars.

She’s a teenage detective and she just started her freshmen year. Filled with plot lines involving stolen door apparel, murder, scandal wrapped into the every day college life style; the show has won my heart.

The shows haven’t changed casts, directors, or anything that would alter the course of a series. This is the key to the success for the channel. Gilmore Girls still has its wit and One Tree Hill its drama, Smallville its action, while Everybody Hates Chris remains comical.

Changing these well-known shows direction would have brought disaster on an already fledgling company.

A recent smart move by the CW was to move 7th Heaven to Sunday nights and move the popular Sunday night UPN line-up to Monday nights. 7th Heaven was brought back for an 11th season on CW after the WB decided to cancel the show do to overhead costs.

This show has changed however. With only half of the cast returning and an unrealistic or believable plot line, it is clear 7th Heaven should have stayed in the vault.

I must admit, I do miss Everwood but, ABC Family airs it every night at six, and perhaps it’s better to have ended the show than to have it fall into the slump many shows do before their ultimate demise. Everwood ended on a high note, the show was completed and I have to say, I have no regrets. I loved every moment of that show. As a fan, that is all you can ask for.

The WB repeatedly brought me shows that caught my interest for as many seasons as I could view them and after the first few months of the CW, I have no doubts that the station will continue to bring quality shows to the viewers.

Here’s the CW line-up, starting at 8pm,for those interested;

Sunday – 7th Heaven and America’s Next Top Model
Monday – Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends, and The Game
Tuesday – Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars
Wednesday – America’s Next Top Model, and One Tree Hill
Thursday – Smallville and Supernatural
Friday – Friday Night Smackdown