“Thrills and Chills for All Hallow’s Eve”

Imagine a dozen spiders crawling all over your body, a cold unknown hand grabbing you in the darkness, the smell of blood flowing into your nose, and people with knives jumping out at you. These aren’t just scenes from a movie anymore. Now you can experience the real thing. You can face your worst nightmare.

As Halloween gets closer, people are anticipating on getting a good scare. Some watch scary movies that make their hair curl while others go to haunted houses such as Blood Manor and Nightmare-Haunted House of New York City for the thrill. Blood Manor is a first rate haunted attraction. It is not for the fainthearted nor is it a theme park. The tour is taken on foot and no one under the age of 14 is permitted. It has 5,000 square feet of pure terror with themed rooms, passageways
and labyrinths of corridors. Situated in an isolated place;
specifically at 542 West 27th Street in Manhattan, the manor features a fright tour that lasts approximately 20 minutes with a blood-curling atmosphere. Room after room is filled with strange aromas, zombies, vampires, spiders, and darkness. Frightening sounds such as shrieks fill your ears and slowly you become disoriented. You become a victim of your own mind; a victim of your fears.

Nightmare-Haunted House of New York City is located in all five boroughs and permits entry for individuals if they are 16 years old and over. Every location has a different theme in at least one of the rooms. Thirteen rooms are filled with enticing horror that will make you want to run for the exit. While in Blood Manor no grabbing occurs, in the Nightmare-Haunted House you will be incidentally touched to create a better frightening experience. As in Blood Manor, participants will be faced with their most innate fears.

Both parks are open in the evening hours and prices range from $15 to $20. While these two attractions are similar, each will scare you differently. If you are ready to scream then you are ready for these two houses. But beware-you never know what will happen once you enter.