Who Doesn’t Love Pablo?

Are you fascinated with art or passionately intrigued by it?
Perhaps you are an artist yourself? Maybe you are merely an individual with no plans for the weekend with a dire need to do something?

If that is the case, then the Whitney Museum’s showcase of Picasso’s art might be of interest to you.

Walking into the Pablo Picasso gallery, located on the fourth floor, you are transported into another world; a world of cubism, abstractions, color, and shapes. Each wall is covered with paintings. Paintings that convey circles, squares, rectangles as well as colors of blue, red, yellow, orange, and green; paintings with hidden faces.

Some of the works of art you might stumble upon include “Woman in an Armchair”, “Seated Woman with Wrist Watch”, and Girl before a Mirror”. In the center of the rooms you will find various sculptures such as “Head of a Woman” or “Violin”. Each piece of art is different from the next one. Each has its own meaning; its own hidden message. Making your journey from room to room you immerse yourself in the art; trying to understand what the artist was trying to say.

The Whitney Museum is located in Manhattan specifically on 945 Madison Ave. between 74th and 75th streets. St. John’s students will be happy to know that there is a discount for admission prices that pertains to them. Students with valid ID are admitted into the museum for the price of ten dollars while adults have to pay fifteen.

On Friday’s a person can go in for free due to the fact that Friday’s are donation days. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Each day has a different time schedule; Tuesdays the museum is open from 11am to 4:30 pm, Wednesday and Thursday 11am to 6pm, Friday 11am to 9pm, and Saturday to Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Monday’s the museum is closed.

The Whitney Museum offers many attractions. Aside from their Pablo Picasso exhibition, which will only be on display till January 28, 2007, there are other artists featured. The works of Max Weber, Edward Hopper, Mark Grotjahn, Andy Warhol and many others are on display in the museum.

Besides the art itself, the museum has a restaurant in the lower level and a gift shop with a number of merchandise. Endless opportunities arise in the Whitney. So, if your passion is in art or you would just like to do something different this weekend then go to the Whitney Museum of American Art and get lost in a world of warped visions.