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Inferno Reviews: Saw III

When the mind boggling Saw hit theatres in October 2004, horror movie fans realized that the eccentricity created by Leigh Whannell’s characters was much more than what critics said it was.

In 2005, the sequel became another favorite, while reinstating the fact that there were still missing pieces of Jigsaw’s puzzle. Now, in 2006, the third and what appears to be final chapter in the Saw series brings more of a mystic twist on the other two movies, while still retaining the chill factor and outdoing its predecessors in blood and gore.

The first minute of the film picks up where Saw II left off, showing the fate of Detective Eric Matthews, and his final attempt at escape. Now, the whereabouts of John, better known as Jigsaw, and his loyal apprentice Amanda are apparent, and Jigsaw is extremely ill.

The only way for Jigsaw to escape death was to play another one of his games. After the newly plotted and pristinely executed deaths of some familiar characters, it is eminent that Jigsaw is back to his old ways.

Upon meeting our new character, expert surgeon Lynn Denlon, we realize that she may have something to do with John’s new game. Being kidnapped by Amanda, she wakes up in John’s lair and is instructed on what she will have to do to save her life.
In the less than stable conditions of where she is, she must perform a severely delicate operation on John to stop the pressure on his brain.

Her incentive is the contraption placed around her neck, loaded with explosives, that is linked to John’s heart monitor. If John flat lines, Lynn dies.

We then learn of a man who is the main pawn in John’s new game. If he makes it through his challenge, Lynn is free to go.

This new game is supremely crafted though, not much like his other games, where there is a consistent flow of death, but more like a new form of torture, where the pawn is forced to choose between forgiveness and revenge in order to get through it. Each of the challenges is linked, and succeeding or failing in one influences the outcome of the others.

The sequence of the movie seems to be rather disordered, but is in great syncopation when the twist begins getting revealed.

Throughout the rest of the movie, we are taken back through the journeys of the last two movies, and things are made clearer, while explaining twists that were unnoticed and unapparent at the times of the last films.

Like the other two movies, there is always an odd connection between the characters and toward the end of the movie it is all brought together in a gory, yet strangely satisfying, conclusion that will leave the viewers wondering.

Although there is room for a possible prequel, it seems as though the Saw series will just end in a perfectly explained, extremely bloody trilogy.

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