Students Should Get Their Money’s Worth

The cost of higher education is a major concern when it comes time to prepare a student for their collegiate career. It is something that can be a major financial constraint on young adult life. Costs for education have steadily been rising over the past 11 years, and with the average cost of college education coming in at over $30,000, students must ask: Is it all worth it?
At St. John’s, tuition comes in at $24,400. However, with the addition of the cost of books, supplies, and room and board, students can add up to over $30,000. With most students forced to take out loans and use other financial supplements to pay for their college education, students are often left in debt years after they have received their degree.

With the growing cost of college, in addition to looming great financial cost of graduate school, students need to decide if paying such high tuition is worth the degree received.

Granted, St. John’s is a private school and obviously costs more than state universities because it does not receive the same government funding. In return, students receive the religious education that would not be present in public colleges. The school can also have a more uniquely structured curriculum because it does not have to adhere to the same restrictions as a school with greater government funding.

The University should also provide students with a higher quality of education. More emphasis should be placed on the core curriculum, which would set the school apart from state universities because of its inclusion of theology and philosophy classes. In doing so, maybe students would feel a greater desire to go to a private university such as St. John’s and pay the higher tuition rate. But as it stands now, without scholarships or financial aid, it seems almost ridiculous to pay the higher tuition for an education that may not be worth the money.

While the possibility of college tuitions decreasing is unlikely, universities nationwide, including St. John’s, need to start providing students with an education that is worth the additional fees. With the increased tuition, an increased quality of education should come, one that is worth the $30,000 being paid per year. Academic improvements need to be proportionate to the fee hikes in order to provide students with the best education while providing the sentiment that the students get their money’s worth.