$150 Million

New desks

Students may have already seen the new red chairs decorating St. John and Marillac Halls. Over the winter break, 3,500 chairs were replaced in these two academic buildings to accomodate students’ needs to fit a laptop and notebook on their desks.

Sun Yat Sen Hall

After a Nov. 27 Daily News story suggested that the Asian studies building was going to be torn down, the University confirmed that, by the generosity of an anonymous donor, $1 million will go toward revamping the Asian studies library and art gallery within the building.

Active Learning classrooms

The University will pilot three new Active Learning classrooms in St. John Hall room 112, Sullivan Hall room 313, and Marillace Hall room 106. Three classrooms will be similarly transformed on the Staten Island campus and will aim to actively engage students in the learning process.

Residential recycling program

All residents will now be required to recycle their paper, plastics, and glass. A month after this program is implemented, the recycling program will be implemented throughout the entire campus and then throughout all of the SJU campuses a month after that.

Facilities Web page

Have a leaky ceiling or a broken outlet? Now RAs and RDs will be able to submit service requests to a facilities Web page. The University plans on eventually opening this service to all resident students.

Public Safety/Facilities relocation

As part of the University’s science Master Plan implemented last summer, Facilities, Public Safety, and the StormCard office have relocated to the former ROTC building. Half of the second floor, though, is still occupied by the ROTC. In the coming months, an iron fence will replace the chain link fence that surrounds the grounds of the former ROTC building.

Additional parking

While the University will sacrifice some parking in the construction of its townhouses, spots will be added in the entrance of Gate 6, as resident-student parking will be moved to the parking lot of the former ROTC building. An unusued lot near Gate 1 will be opened to further compensate the growing need for SJU parking space and the
addition of rooftop parking in the parking garage is slated for summer 2007.

Around the “X”

The lawn near St. John and Newman Halls is
currently being decorated with an encircling sitting wall. Later this spring, a reflection pool will be added in front of Council Hall and in February, a statue of St. Vincent de Paul will be erected in front of Newman Hall.