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So, I know football is technically not a part of the entertainment world, but I’m going to write about it anyway.

The Super Bowl is by far one of the biggest events of the year and it has a halftime show and football can be very entertaining. I think that’s all the justification that I need. But before we get to Super Bowl XLI, let’s recap Sunday’s conference championship games.

NFC Championship Game: Chicago Bears, 39, New Orleans Saints, 14

AFC Championship Game: Indianapolis Colts, 38, New England Patriots, 34

The Colts and the Bears will be battling it out on Sunday, February 4th for the glory of being Super Bowl Champions and the best team in football. I’m rooting for the Colts.

There are a few things to comment on here. Yes, the Bears outplayed the Saints. The Colts on the other hand set a record. They were down 21-3 early in the game and came back to win. This is the largest deficient to overcome in AFC Championship history.

Peyton Manning was set to be the next Dan Marino. An amazing quarterback who never won the Super Bowl. A great regular season quarterback who couldn’t lead his team to victory in high pressure situations. Manning proved everyone wrong on Sunday and if he can beat the Bears on Feb. 4th then we will all witness history in the making.

There is on other thing that makes this Super Bowl special. Coaches Lovie Smith, Bears, and Tony Dungy, Colts, are the first two African American coaches to ever go to the Super Bowl.

To add a little actual entertainment to this blog before I go, Prince will be performing at the halftime show and I’m sure the commercials will leave us laughing for days to come.