The Sweet Escape to Spring Break

Though the Spring semester has merely begun, the buzz about spring break has already started. Days are being counted off as thoughts of exciting places sail through the minds of many. Places that deliver fun and entertainment, as well as relaxation are being dreamt of; spots where an individual can just simply get away from the chaos of everyday life. However, it is important for co-eds to consider three vital vacation truths: start the search for a vacation spot early, put together a budget, and know what you want out of your vacation.
While prices for vacation spots vary, finding a good deal is not as hard as one may think. For instance, using has discounted airplane tickets ranging from $270 to $550 for typical spring break locations.

Another great place to search for low-priced airline tickets is Jet Blue Airways. Some of their ticket prices can start as low as $120.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements it is best to look for hostels or motels. Hotels can be overly priced at well-known vacation spots. Hence, hostels are the next best thing and can usually accommodate two or more people in fairly priced rooms. Two great Web sites for finding such lodging are and Prices of rooms can be as low as $30 per night per person. Further information about lodging, vacation spots, and airfare prices may be found through a local travel agency.

A vacation does not have to be expensive or unfulfilling. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to leave behind textbooks and endless studying. So, before it is too late, make a decision to embark on a great adventure. The possibilities are endless!

average price for one person for one week (including flight and hotel): $1,300- $2,000
A great place to venture is Cancun, for it holds various happenings that one may not experience anywhere else. If nature is one’s love, this is the hot spot. Swimming in the blue sea with dolphins splashing around, touring the mangrove jungles, diving into the depths of the unknown to discover colorful reefs and aquatic life, horseback riding tours, venturing into caves, as well as going on cruises are just a few of the activities that are offered to a tourist.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico’s average price for one person for one week (including flight and hotel): $1,800- $2,000
For the lover of night life there are many clubs and caf√©s where one may find plenty of thrills in Cabo San Lucas, a fantastic vacation spot. This hot spot has been featured on reality shows like “Laguna Beach,” and has been a haven for celebrities.

Amsterdam’s average price for one person for one week (including flight and hotel): $1,300+
If beaches and warmth are not for you there are other places that are worth visiting such as Amsterdam in Holland with its spectacular architecture and museums. Though this city has a reputation for a crazy night life with its many cafés, bars, and clubs, it does hold beauty inside as well.

South Beach, Miami’s average price for one person for one week (including flight and hotel): $1,000- $1,150
Picture this: the warmth of the sun on the sand, and the splash of the ocean waves followed by a wild night out at clubs and other miscellaneous venues while never actually leaving the ocean scene. South Beach, Miami is one of the many places that can bring such unforgettable excitement. With the beach at one’s fingertips and a rich night life, it is impossible to be descend into boredom. Beach volleyball, tanning, swimming, dancing, and going to live concerts are just some of the endless activities one can do at such an illustrious vacation setting.

Meaningful Travel
Besides vacationing, one might want to help others during spring break. A volunteer project may be just the thing for those people who are striving to help out a community abroad., where prices range from $650 and upwards, gives way for individuals to go to destinations around the world to help build homes, help with community development and much more.