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Worry no more about your impatience, bloggers. Network television sites and iTunes are making waiting for repeats a thing of the past. With the release of the 80 GB iPod, iTunes began offering a slew of movies and television shows to fill all those gigabytes and to make some access cash. I have to admit, while “Veronica Mars” was in hiatus this Christmas break and after I finished watching the first two seasons, I caved and spent the $1.99 per episode to download a few recent episodes just so I wouldn’t forget what had happened. Or rather because now that I had seen the first two seasons, season three made a little more sense.

This is beside the point though. iTunes has shows from CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, and the CW as well as a plethora of cable networks including ABC Family, Nickelodeon and MTV. There are also made for television movies available, like “High School Musical” and “Fallen” from ABC Family.

There is one problem with this seemingly flawless system. How am I going to ever get these episodes off my computer? Sure, they are on my iPod, but what good does that do me if I don’t have a DVD burner? This is my predicament. I don’t know what exactly to do with these episodes; if I ever change computers, I am going to have wasted my money.

Also, I’m upset that now, the episodes that I paid money to see I can download for free online. Given, I can’t keep those downloads, and it’s just a spur of the moment episode watch, but it’s still a little irksome. At least I don’t have to worry about missing my favorite shows though. I guess that’s the upside. I have two great outlets for missed television tragedies.

ABC, the CW, Fox, and TBS are just a few of the networks that have online versions of their shows available for download.

Check out network Web sites and the iTunes Music Store for more information.