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When you’re apart

Heart-shaped candies, chocolates, flowers, candlelit dinners, stuffed animals and cards all represent the one holiday of the year most people either dread or look forward to. Valentine’s Day, a day where lovers of all ages celebrate and express their love for each other, can be a painstaking 24 hours or a day of bliss.

As couples make plans and stress over what gifts to get their significant others on this day, there are some who have to celebrate the holiday miles apart. These couples are in long distance relationships or L.D.R’s. For some, being in an L.D.R. feels a lot like being single and at times can get quite lonely.

Like all relationships, long distance relationships have their fair share of ups and downs. Junior Deniz Kilic has been in an L.D.R. for more than three years.

“Some people are intimidated by long distance relationships,” Kilic said. “But if you love the person, you shouldn’t be, as long as you both want to make it work. ”

Long distance relationships make it difficult to celebrate the most romantic day of the year if you are miles apart from your loved one. St. John’s students have some ideas as to how L.D.R. couples can celebrate and be close despite the distance.

“This Valentine’s Day I will not be seeing my boyfriend because I am studying abroad in Italy, but we are sending each other packages with surprise gifts inside,” said junior Jessica Peters. “I made him a homemade card and sent him my favorite chocolates I’ve discovered in Italy.”

Sophomore Danielle Vega has a different perception of Valentine’s Day for couples in long distance relationships.

“Patience is important in an L.D.R., but you can make it special for each other in different ways,” she said. “I see it more as a girl’s holiday, so I think the guy should send flowers, candy and a big card with a message inside reminding her how much he loves her.”

While girls agreed with the typical Valentine’s Day gifts, sophomore Liam Granfield suggests another way he would celebrate the holiday.

“I would reschedule our plans for another day because during the week we’d be busy with school and work,” he said.

Being romantic on Valentine’s Day while in a long distance relationship may be difficult, but the romance can be kept alive regardless of distance.

“I’d like to be sent a big bouquet of flowers along with a heartfelt note,” said sophomore Suvanna Studer.

Others, like junior Michael Aicardi, would prefer if their significant other was more spontaneous.

“It would be nice if she sent me a surprise telegram or got me something that she knows I’ve wanted for a long time,” Aicardi said. “But the best thing would be to show up for a surprise visit.”

While they may be either 1,000 miles or 10,000 miles apart, L.D.R. couples do not seem to be phased by the fact that they will not be seeing their sweethearts on Valentine’s Day.

“I like Valentine’s Day, but I think if you are alone on that day, it’s all about self love and the love you have for your friends and family,” explained junior Laneya Wiles.
Peters shares the same notion as Wiles and puts down the negative reputation Valentine’s Days receives from the public.

“Some people call it a Hallmarked holiday, yet I think it’s a wonderful day just to stop and remember and show the ones you love that you truly love them,” Peters said.

Studer agrees and adds, “I think people go overboard on the holiday, but if they focus on the main idea about being with someone you love and expressing what you feel towards them, then that’s all that counts.”

No matter how the holiday is spent, near or far, people can embrace Valentine’s Day as a day of love and appreciation for significant others, friends and family. Valentine’s Day is a day to love and be loved in return.

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