They Love the 80’s: DaSilva Hall Council hosts a nostalgic party for the 80’s fan in all of us

In an effort to promote interaction between commuters and dormers, St. John’s DaSilva Hall Council hosted an “80’s Party” to celebrate growing up in a decade that featured big hair and never-ending celebration.

Set in a room decorated with stars, streamers, and balloons, all
attendees donned typical 80’s apparel, including hoodies, leggings, bandanas, colorful accessories, outlandish embellishments, sweaters swooping over shoulders, and bright sneakers. Whether their garments were merely waiting for a chance to exit the closet corners or put together for the sole purpose of this party, the results were nothing short of creative.

Alicia Laureen expressed no surprise at the attire of her cohorts who must have “already had the stuff in their closets.”

“Most of us were born in the ’80s and (we were) introduced to the music by our parents,” Laureen said.

This ’80s explosion is the brainchild of freshman Lubna Lundy, DaSilva Hall Council president. The Pennsylvania native wanted to bring St. John’s students together to have fun and commemorate the era that is still very much a part of our fashion and culture. Lundy knew the children of the ’80s would rejoice in expressing their youthful exuberance and carefree attitude, trademarks of the period.

“That’s where we came from, and we want to re-visit for a little bit,” said junior Kaitlin McGovern.

The ’80s Party also featured contests for “Best Dressed ’80s (Male and Female)” and a contest for the best break-dancer.

One of the two winners for “Best Dressed ’80s Female,” freshman Yezamin Ogando, thoroughly selected her accessories, from the silk green bandana on her head, to the yellow belt on her waist, and the pink pearls on her neck. The aforementioned may sound like the aftermath of getting dressed in the dark, but under the shiny disco balls and in the midst of Cindy Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” Ogando was having a blast as the audience’s applause signified her

Representing the “Best Dressed 80’s Male” was Jeffrey Javiar, clad in a colorful ensemble, braids, and a thick gold chain reminiscent of those worn by hip-hop artists whose musical culture and inclinations were deeper than those of their contemporaries. Adhering to this rich past, Javiar showcased his break dancing skills while other students sought to catch a bit of his incendiary motion.

DJ Zeke wouldn’t have it any other way. The campus’s favorite DJ offered an eclectic mix of ’80s music, ’90s hits, and contemporary favorites.

DJ Zeke wasn’t the only one to offer a musical selection. Lubna Lundy and hip-hop artist Thelonious Kapps performed their original song “Boots” for the 200 attendants.

The chemistry resonating between the two as they performed their soulful harmony left the audience in awe. Instead of rapping on a stage, Kapps and Lundy performed under a spotlight amidst the crowd of students.

“They were simply magnetic and the audience loved their energy,” said freshman Leanda Taitt.

The ’80s Party proved much success. Who says you can’t turn back time?