New Majors and Minors

St. John’s College of Professional Studies will offer new majors and minors to its students this upcoming year in the areas of Computer Security, Cyber Forensics, Information Technology, and Telecommunications and Networking.

Through these new majors and minors, St. John’s is not only offering its students more options in terms of their studies, but also providing cutting-edge new courses that are not taught at many other universities.
The College of Professional Studies’ new major in Computer Security, for example, is the only computer science-based security program being offered in the New York metropolitan area.

In addition, CPS updated its Information Technology Major, adding courses on data mining, electronic commerce, and business-driven technology.

The new majors and minors could not have come at a better time; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in their 2006-07 edition of their Occupational Handbook, projects an overall increase of 27% in Computer Science-related jobs through 2014.

St. John’s Division of Library and Information Science is also offering a new minor in Information Science. According to Information Science associate professor Dr. James Vorbach, “An IS minor complements majors ranging from science and math to the humanities and social sciences, because organizations increasingly want people who understand how to utilize information and information technology effectively.”

“Although undergraduates have undoubtedly searched the Internet, communicated via email, used a cell phone, participated in online social networks and other information-based activities, they may not have critically examined their actions or the actions of others in these information environments,” said Dr. Kevin Rioux, who will be teaching Introduction to Information Science, a new course, in the Fall. He noted that courses like the one he will be teaching will provide students with “a basis for further study of information environments, access, information needs, information use contexts, and information ethics.”

St. John’s has also improved its Telecommunications and Networking major. Since SJU is now a Cisco Academy Site, it can teach Networking Theory, which helps prepare students for the CCNA certification. This can be done while students also pursue a B.S. in Telecommunications and Networking.
The various improvements and additions to St. John’s College of Professional Studies’ majors and minors will begin in the Fall 2007 semester.