Mugging on Goethals Ave. and 167th Street

A St. John’s Conference Services guest was mugged on July 21 on Goethals Avenue and 167th St. at approximately 12:20 a.m, according to an e-mail that was sent out to all St. John’s students from the Office of Public Safety.

The complainant, a female, notified Public Safety shortly after the attack, stating that she
had been walking with another female back to the campus entrance located on Goethals
Avenue and 164th St. When the two women reached 167th St., they were approached from behind by two African-American males who appeared to be in their 20’s.

One of the men forcibly removed the complainant’s purse from her shoulder and threw her to the ground. The second man then approached the women from the front, placing his hand near his waistband to display what may have been a gun.

The second man asked the complainant whether she had anything else in her pockets. After the woman replied “no,” the second man threatened her again. Both men then proceeded to head towards 164th St.

The New York Police Department responded to the crime, in which the complainant sustained minor injuries. The case, however, has now been closed without any arrests being made.

Public Safety issued an e-mail to all students this summer, urging them to contact
the NYPD by dialing 911 and the Office of Public Safety (718 990-5252 or 718 990-
6281) if they are ever threatened by someone demanding property. Public Safety also suggested that students program these phone numbers into their cell phones for use in this type of situation.