Alleged Crime Near Manhattan Campus

A female student on the Manhattan campus of St. John’s University was a victim of sexual abuse on the morning of August 26, according to a Public Safety advisory posted on the St. John’s Web site.

The student was approached by a male on a bicycle at 9:20 a.m. The male, who appeared to be in his 30’s, had short brown hair and was wearing a blue muscle T-shirt, according to the advisory.
The advisory also stated that after being repeatedly touched on the buttocks by the male, the student immediately returned to the Manhattan campus, notifying Public Safety.

According to the advisory, the New York City Police Department conducted a search of the area with the student, but the suspect could not be found.

The student did not suffer any injuries.
In its statement issued on the St. John’s Web site, Public Safety urged students to walk with others whenever possible. Public Safety also urged students to contact the NYPD by dialing 911, and the Public Safety Department on their campus if a crime against them occurs.

Public Safety for the Queens’ campus can be Public Safety also suggested that students program these phone numbers into their cell phones for use in this type of situation.
This incident comes just weeks after a St. John’s conference services guest was reportedly mugged near the Queens campus.
In an e-mail sent out during the summer, the Office of Public Safety urged students to program Public Safety’s phone numbers into their cell phones in case of an emergency.