Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I have been reading the TORCH for the past five years at SJU and appreiciate the efforts undertaken by your staff. However I have been disappointed because I have not found any coverage of the Financial Aid scandal that has been investigated by the Attorney General of the United States and the fact that no one has posed any questions to the SJU financial aid office regarding their relationship with loan lenders. This issue affects every student but apparently no one at your office has recognized this matter.

Ayoola Awosika
College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Class of 2008

To the Editor: Re: “Dinner is served:”

I am writing to you today out of dissapointment in the TORCH that you would allow such a disgusting portrayal of hard working unionized employees of Mongoris dinning hall. I understand the concept of the illustration and I am not debating that Montgoris food does need work, but that is no reason to slander the image of the workers. Take a good look in Montgoris next time you go there, there are no rotting skeletons serving you, there are hard working Latino and black employees who go to work everyday just like you and your families do with a union (H.E.R.E. Local 100). It is sad that my English professors speak highly of the TORCH and urge us to get involved when this is what is published, taking cheap shots at an easy target. Just because the majority of the student population agrees and finds this illustration “funny” does not mean it is right. It is unfair to the workers who put up with the rudness of St. John’s students and are constantly under attack from everyone but still come to work. You also have to take into consideration that the workers do not decide what to serve, they are told what to serve. If you want to blame someone for the bad food, blame St John’s for not doing anything about it.

Liam M. Granfield
St. John’s College
Class of 2009

Editor’s note: Liam M. Granfield is the son of Bill Granfield, the president of Local 100, a labor union that encompasses NYC transit workers, among other laborers.