Worth a couple chuckles

Dane Cook and Jessica Alba form an unlikely but extremely entertaining duo in “Good Luck Chuck,” the latest comedy to hit movie theatres last Friday.

The movie revolves around Charlie (Cook), a successful dentist who, for all his good looks and charm, has had a series of failed relationships. This is because of his reputation as a woman’s link to meeting the true man of her dreams – his “legend” states that any woman who is intimately involved with him will meet her prince charming immediately afterwards. Chuck, therefore, is bombarded with a countless number of beautiful women who sleep with him and then go on to meet their husbands.
Chuck uses this to his advantage and has a series of short-term affairs with dozens of beauties. While this is exciting at first, it becomes unfulfilling and is seen as a curse instead of a blessing, especially when he meets the accident-prone but gorgeous Cam (Alba), whom he falls in love with. The movie from here shows Chuck’s desperate attempts to stop Cam from leaving him and put an end to his reputation as a woman’s good-luck charm.

The film gives Cook’s fans a chance to see his crude but witty sense of humor on the big screen, as Cook’s personality is in sync with the character that he plays. However, they also get to see Alba in a different light. She isn’t the sultry Nancy of “Sin City” or the life-saving hero of “Fantastic Four.” Instead, she is the clumsy, awkward, but very lovable Cam who wins Chuck’s heart in spite of her obvious flaws.

Along with Lonny Ross as Cam’s weed-smoking brother Joe, and Dan Fogler as Chuck’s best friend Stu, the movie is a sequence of unexpected and amusing scenes on topics that can be seen as slightly taboo. While the plot itself is unrealistic and the end result is predictable, “Good Luck Chuck” will strike a chord with movie-goers looking for a fun film and a good laugh.

3 out of 4 stars