Love & Marriage

From the man who has given us movies like “The Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Daddy’s Little Girls,” Tyler Perry brings us his latest comedy, “Why Did I Get Married?” While he does stick to his tried and true formula of combining comedy with spiritual undertones, he has taken the laugh factor up to a whole new level.

The idea behind this movie is that every year, eight college friends pick a destination where they can reunite and talk about their marriages. Throughout their weeklong retreat, they’re supposed to work on the problems going on within their marriage and participate in activities that will bring them closer. This time around, the couples gather at a beautiful mountaintop cabin in Colorado. Things don’t go as planned when one of the friends shows up with his wife and his mistress. When the friends voice their disapproval, secrets are revealed and relationships begin to crumble.

With such a serious subject matter, you wouldn’t expect this to be much of a comedy, but this has to be Perry’s funniest movie to date. Each character brings something different to the table but the one that clearly steals the movie is Angela (Tasha Smith). Usually with movies of this kind, you are given characters that do things completely different from what you are used to. Yet Angela is the shoot from the hip type who seems to say and do everything that you would do if you were in the same situation. Of course, she does take things to extremes at times, but for the most part she hits the nail right on the head.

The downside to this movie is Patricia (Janet Jackson) who is a best-selling author/psychologist and her architect husband Gavin (Malik Yoba). They portray themselves as the model couple for their friends and at times they come off as being a bit too perfect. That is, until their secret is revealed and they become more human.

Janet Jackson’s acting skills are also a bit questionable. Her secret carries the most guilt but yet she just can’t seem to shed one real tear during the most heartbreaking part of the film.

To describe this movie in one word, it is HILARIOUS! If you’re looking for a movie that will keep you entertained from beginning to end, then this will be the best $10 you’ve spent all year.