Letter to the Editor

To the Editor: Re: “Flames of the TORCH” Oct. 17:

I agree with your statement that “many Greek organizations dedicate themselves to impacting the community in a positive way.” During my time as pastor of Saint John the Baptist Church in Bedford-Stuyvestant, Brooklyn, I was the recipient of the generosity of various Greek organizations. Yet it is also true that these same organizations have had to defend themselves because of being identified by their their methods of hazing. In my six years here at Saint John’s University I have seen young women and men engaged in incredible dehumanizing exercises in order to become part of one or another Greek organization. To avoid future negative publicity I would offer the following suggestion: An immediate cessation of all forms of initiation. If a student wishes to join a Greek organization he/she simply signs their name to a list and they are admitted… nothing more requested. Until such a step is taken the Greek organizations will contine to have to defend themselves and will continue to receive negative publicity and I will also find it difficult to recommend that students join these organizations.

Charles Plock, CM
Campus Ministry

To the Editor:

I am a homeowner on Highland Avenue in Jamaica Estates. My wife & I live immediately next door to the construction site that is to become to Henley Road dorm.
Myself, my family & all our neighbors are trying everything we can to draw attention to how bad of an idea this dorm is. This quiet block is too far from the school. The negative affect of the building will sincerely hurt the local people. My neighbors more so than myself. Many are elderly, retired people. Continuous attempts to look for help and answers from St. John’s have fallen on deaf ears.

Sean Fleming
Part-time student