New York Film Academy and SJU team up

St. John’s University Provost Dr. Julia A. Upton and New York Film Academy President and Founder Jerry Sherlock recently partnered by signing an articulation agreement encompassing students from both universities.

Effective immediately, qualified students who have taken 30 credits of filmmaking at NYFA can now transfer that credit toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Television and Film at St. John’s. The agreement also allows St. John’s Television and Film students to take courses at NYFA.

NYFA was founded in 1992 by Broadway and film producer Jerry Sherlock. The school offers filmmaking courses throughout the year, and conducts workshops in Harvard, Princeton, Florida, Paris and Florence.

The partnership was orchestrated to provide NYFA students with the opportunity to attain a Bachelors degree without losing credits in the transfer. It was also done to provide St. John’s Television and Film majors with the advantage of the institution’s intensive filmmaking courses.
“We are delighted to be partnering with the New York Film Academy, and it is fitting that we sign this agreement in Tribeca, which is the independent film capital of the world, and where the academy and quality filmmaking have received widespread acclaim,” said Dr. Frank Brady, chair of the Department of Mass Communications, in a university press release.

St. John’s Television and Film major Ronald Ferrara added, “The merger is a good idea and seems to offer a fantastic opportunity for students at both schools.”

David Klein, Senior Director of NYFA noted that St. John’s Television and Film majors will be able to view advanced screenings of up and coming films and attend lectures headlined by some of the biggest names in the industry. Some recent lecturers have been actress Janeane Gorofalo and director James Signorelli of Saturday Night Live.