Radio personality speaks and inspires students

Danielle Monaro, co-host of radio station Z-100’s “Elvis Duran and the Morning Zoo,” spoke to a group of students on Friday, October 19.

The event was sponsored by the Learning Communities Program and was held in the Donovan community room.

Monaro, a native of the Bronx, graduated from St. John’s in 1995 with a degree in communications.

She told the audience that she was interested in television newscasting when she first started college and had no real attraction to radio until someone asked her to join WSJU, where she then became actively involved.

“It’s an incredible pleasure to have her back,” said Professor Larry Pitilli, Associate Professor of Speech in the College of Professional Studies, and Monaro’s Speech professor in 1992. “[She’s] a friend to our University Community.”
During her talk, Monaro emphasized the importance of internships to a student’s college career.

“Interning and networking are so important,” she said.

She added, “Interning was an amazing experience for me.”

Monaro also told students that they should venture to more than one department while interning, in order to gain the full experience that it can offer.

Monaro also noted that to have one’s resume and cover page up to date were also important factors in progressing one’s career.

The event, which also featured a small game of questions where students were able to win Z-100 scrub shirts, focused on what a student can do to prepare themselves in whatever communications career they may choose to pursue.

Monaro was also on hand afterwards to answer questions from students.

“I loved St. John’s because it was the only one [college] that I applied to,” Danielle commented when asked about her personal experience on campus. “Just being here, I miss it.”