Rev. Harrington holds question-and-answer session

The Reverend Donald Harrington conducted an open question-and-answer session during an appearance at an Organizational Congress meeting on Thursday, October 18.

The primary topics of discussion included the campus’ reaction to the rifleman scare, improvements to academic buildings, and the failed health inspection at Marillac cafeteria.

He began by thanking the student body for its maturity during and after the campus lockdown of Sept. 26.

Allowing that the actions of the day went relatively smoothly, he said that St. John’s has not become complacent.

Other measures of security are being investigated, with a P.A. system in consideration.

There will not, however, be mandatory checks at the entrances to campus. Rev. Harrington said that it would “disruptive to the community.”

Rev. Harrington also strongly recommended that all students sign up for the text messaging system.

Another topic of discussion was improved air conditioning in St. John Hall.

While Rev Harrington acknowledged that there were plans to implement improvements, he admitted that it was hard to do during the school year because the building would have to be closed.

He revealed that the current plan is to do it over the next two summers, though it is not yet known whether it will be half-and-half or all during one of the summers.

He confirmed that there is already a budget set aside for the plan.

When asked about Marillac cafeteria, Rev. Harrington noted that the issues, which included “temperature” and “cleanliness,” will be addressed and that there would be a follow-up check in two to three weeks.

In reference to the Sigma Chi Upsilon hazing on the Staten Island campus, Rev. Harrington said that no other fraternities would be under investigation, unless additional information deemed it necessary.
Other topics of discussion included an update about the buildings in construction and concerns over limited library hours and a lack of printers.