Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

After reading the 10/17 article, “Debate over Marillac Lab Rule,” I’m left wondering if the writer has ever carried a six pound laptop (plus textbooks and notebooks) on a bus and train and around campus for nine hours. Perhaps he should try that before brushing off commuter woes by saying, “Welcome to college, it’s harder than high school.” Maybe then he would understand the inconvenience of the new 30 minute rule in Marillac.
Yes, it is convenient for just printing, designating a few computers as printing stations would be just as convenient. Yes, St. John’s was thoughtful enough to give out a “convenient black bag” with each laptop.
However, if St. John’s really thought of everything, they would’ve included an extra battery in the warranty plan. No one can possibly expect a laptop battery to last the four years of typical undergraduate study. Plus, these laptops can hardly be considered free. Just look at tuition.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of the laptop program. However, it should not be expected that we’re all able to bring this laptop to school all the time.

Melissa DeSpirito
College of Professional Studies
Class of 2008