Renovations planned for Carnesecca Arena

Carnesecca Arena will be undergoing renovations, which are set to begin this summer and are scheduled to be finished by the start of the 2008-2009 school year.

According to Athletic Director Chris Monasch, the hardwood floors on the basketball courts and the wooden bleachers will be replaced.

These changes are a continuation of what has been and will be a very busy few summers at the sports complex.

In fact, this makeover comes off the heels of a new facility in Carnesecca created for student athletes. According to the St. John’s Univeristy Official Athletic site, the Student-Athlete Center for Excellence was erected to “provide a managed study environment with tutoring areas and office space for the Red Storm Student Development unit, a program used to balance the need for structure with the aim of increasing the student’s responsibility for his or her own work.”

“It’s very hard to measure the impact the center has had since its opening in September 2007,” Monasch said. “But it’s great to now have a facility that matches the attributes of the student-athletes.”

And Carnesseca may be getting even more work done in the near future. According to Monasch, there have been talks of future financial plans and projects for the sports arena.
However, these plans are still in the preliminary stages.