Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

St. John’s parking lot A, the one next to/under Belson Stadium, is disgusting and it is a disaster. There is dirt everywhere on the ground, on the cars, and in the air which blows all over you. I don’t know why they decided to start doing work when the Spring 2008 semester had to start.
They had a whole month to do work and speed up the process. But no, they start working the week when everybody goes back to school.
The dirt we have to drive over to get under the stadium is a mess; it so uneven and there are holes everywhere.
Seriously, do you know how much money we have to waste on car washes? A lot! Then when you’re walking out of the parking lot you have to cover your face so that you don’t breathe in and get all that dirt on you.
And can someone explain to me why every once in a while St. John’s decides to just block off sections of the parking space for no reason?
This construction is causing so much frustration for parking.

Sandro Arduini
Class of 2011
To the Editor:

I believe that St. John’s University should give students more choice on meal plans. There are now five choices with nearly the same price and one that only upperclassmen can choose. I believe that they do not fulfill all the needs of students. For students that want to have healthy plans, 14 or 19 meals per week are the best choices. However, when they want to go out and have dinner off campus or when they go on vacation on weekends, their meals go to waste.
Meal plans also do not provide them for a full semester as they have to eat out on breaks. For people that choose 10 meals per week, the additional 300 dining points cannot be enough for Marillac or the Law School cafe for one semester.
Students should be given more choices based on what they need. Some colleges are now using a one-time fee for meal plans and then students will have a 50% discount whenever they choose to dine in. If St. John’s adds that choice to the present pool, I believe Montgoris will attract not only resident students but also commuter students as well.

Son Nguyen
Class of 2011