Torch Online reviews: Radio Ready 2008

The annual Spring Concert, known as Radio Ready 2008, ended with a soulful ride as R&B artist Keyshia Cole gave her St. John’s fans a performance to remember. The chant of “Keyshia, Keyshia!” erupted in the audience as hundreds of fans waited impatiently for her stage arrival. After a brief wait, impatient chants turned into joyful screams as Keyshia entered the stage with a team of dancers.

The petite songstress proved to be worth the wait as she tore through her passionate catalogue, including “Love,” “I Changed My Mind” and “Shoulda Let You Go.” She even performed her own acapella rendition of Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down,” certainly an inspiration throughout her career. Keyshia’s trials and tribulations -made public through her highly-publicized reality TV show “The Way It Is” as well- has made her mother a favorite amongst fans. She proceeded to bring her mother onto the stage for a dedication, a great moment in her set.

The excited and energetic crowd that preceding acts Mr. Vegas and Notch left behind simmered down as Keyshia smoothed down the ladies repeating every word. Taking a breather to interact with her fans, she pointed to sections of the arena making sure everyone was having a good time. Taking suggestions about songs to perform led to her new single, “Heaven Sent.” Insisting that she wouldn’t “short-change” her fans, Keyshia extended her set to include an extra song, and finally ended with her club smash “Let It Go.” Overall, a free concert to most St. John’s students settled out nicely as Keyshia didn’t disappoint.