Torch Online reviews: Sex and the City

The time has finally arrived for rabid “Sex and the City” fans to get their fill of new SATC material. “Megafans” have scoured message boards, leaving their thoughts of what could happen in the film’s tightly-lipped plot. Others have desperately stayed away from any spoiler-material. Yet the wait is over: the “Sex and the City” film is out and the questioning may stop.

To be fair, the film crew has done a commendable job of covering up what goes on in the film. And so to avoid spoilers, we will not dive too far into it either. But we can tell you there is plenty of what fans want. Relationship drama, laughs, tears, extravagance, good fashion, and of course, sex; it’s all there. Does it seem too good to be true? For the most part, it isn’t, but to some degree it is. The film borders dangerously on solely being a fan-service (read: a project done just to appease fans with potential questionable quality). However, director Michael Patrick King and the rest of the cast manage to save the film from crossing the line with a quality effort.

There are plenty of laughs to be had but they will not be quite the same as the series. Fantastic one-liners are somewhat far between but there is a level of consistency that works well for the film. But where it suffers is in its intelligence. The wit, for the most part, just doesn’t come near what the series had. It doesn’t detract too much from the film, but it would have been nice to see it pack more of a punch.

Adapting any television show to the big screen is going to be a challenge, but SATC pulls it off well. It is very much a movie with just a hint of a season’s flavor. This puts viewers worried about a successful adaptation at a bit of an ease. Still, there are times throughout the film where it is obvious that an episode would have ended. The downtime is noticeable and it would have been nice to see better transitions from event-to-event.

But what works very well for the film is its accessibility to those who did not follow the show when it originally aired or to those dragged to a screening (guaranteed to be plenty of those during the film’s run in theaters). The beginning of the film provides a small recap of where the series left off, so even those familiar with the series have a refreshing. And, overall, the plot and the general feel of the film are not exclusive to fans. You can easily follow what has gone on throughout the course of the film.

So it can be easily said that if you are a fan of the series, you will more than likely enjoy the film more than most. And even if you are not, you will find it to be a pleasant experience worth your time. Flawed as it is, “Sex and the City” proves itself to be a successful adaptation.

3 out of 4 stars