St. Vincent Hall welcomes new tenants

St. Vincent Hall, a former residence for Vincentian priests and St. John’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions, is now home to nearly 200 first and second-year St. John’s students.

Over the summer, the three-story building, originally established in 1958, underwent renovations to become a residence hall and now houses 175 students.

The University Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Vincentian Center for Church and Society are still located in St. Vincent on the lower level. However, campus priests have been moved to a separate townhouse in the Founder’s Village.

Most of the students in the newly established residence hall take part in the Ozanam Scholar Program, an initiaive started in 2007 where student work on solving global issues such as global injustice and poverty.

Other St. Vincent Hall inhabitants are members of St. John’s Learning Communities such as Career Management, Peter J. Tobin College of Business and Government Relations Learning Communities.

“It was a great idea since the building already existed so we did not have to start from the ground up,” said Dominic Petruzzelli, director of Residence Life.

Inside St. Vincent Hall, there are two bedrooms with three students in each, connected by a common bathroom.

Many students said they are happy to be living there.

“I got really lucky, I’m in a handicap room [and] I have my own bathroom,” said Patrick Mars, a freshman. “Everything is nice and new.”

Another freshman, Mike Silvestri said, “Everything is clean.” He added, “The climate control is really comfortable.”

“Its location is really convenient.”