Sketch comedy show breaks mold of typical comedy shows

The Alph Psi Omega Honor Society produced a free show last Friday in the Little Theatre. The Sketch Comedy Show yielded a tremendous amount of pleasure for the audience of 250 people.

Dylan Frisina, Mike Wirsch and Jon Randhawa broke the traditional comedy format by writing skits involving everyday experiences by St. John’s students and college students in general.

The comedy show was composed of 5 skits that addressed the obstacles with college classes, the problems roommates face, the inaccurate stereotyping of college students, the hectic daily routine of college life and meeting different types students at orientation.

Dylan Frisina wrote two skits titled “How to Create a Good Character” and “Eric.” In the first skit, the actors illustrated the variety of characters in a book. However, “Eric” showed the struggles of having an emotional and nosey roommate.

In the skit, “A Cup of THC,” Wirsch addressed the stereotype that is sometimes placed on a student when they enter the neighborhood.

Wirsch also wrote “Stuck in the Middle,” in which a St. John’s student ends up in purgatory. In this skit, purgatory is compared to waiting in an endless line at the Bursar’s office.

The show ended with a skit called “Undecided.” Authored by Randhawa, he presented the different types of people that students encounter at orientation. He compared the school spirit of the orientation leaders to the uncertainty of someone who has never left home and the girl who plays hard-to-get.

Students Katherine Pearce and Simone Pryce loved the show because it was their first time at the Little Theatre. Pierce said, “The orientation scene was my favorite part.”

Pryce added that she was “pleasantly surprised” by the show as a whole. Both students said they would definitely return for future performances.

Wirsch said, “The skits were written over the summer…the cast only had about two weeks to practice.” Therefore, the show was able to take place on the second weekend of school.

The Sketch Comedy Show was just the beginning of a slate of student run productions in the Little Theatre. “Urinetown: The Musical” will take place from October 10 to 25 and the tenth annual “Cabaret for Charity” will take place November 20 to 22.

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