A slice of paradise in pineapple pie

Calorie counts are everywhere. On restaurant menus, fast-food joints, food packaging and boxes-when will the madness end?

Even our favorite vice, desserts, has been converted to the evil calorie count monster’s control. Low-fat ice cream? Sugarless frozen yogurt? No-chocolate chocolate chip cookies?

What happened to the days when we could enjoy a satisfying meal consisting of greasy pizza, wings, and french fries without feeling obligated to hit the gym afterwards.

Living off of cake, ice cream and sprinkles is what we all secretly crave. Make your wildest dessert cuisine fantasies come true with a creamy, heavenly blend of the best sweet stuff out there: pineapples and pie!

If you happen to live in the Townhouses, and don’t have access to a oven, con your classmates into signing you in to borrow theirs.

Offer them the biggest piece of pie. Be prepared to run with said piece of pie after reneging on your agreement.

This sweet and flaky pie is the perfect addition to your Friday night Montgoris four course meal. One pie generally feeds eight people.

Add vanilla bean ice cream with a sprinkle of extra pineapple juice over the top of your pie for enhanced flavor.