St. John’s hosts student talent show

It was an amazing night as students filed into the Marillac Auditorium to see their friends and classmates showcase their hobbies and talents for a few minutes on stage. The auditorium reached its maximum capacity at about 8:55 on Thursday night. Seating began at 8 o’clock, as other students stood outside, hoping to get a glimpse of what their classmates had to offer the audience.

The show began at 9 o’clock on the dot, as students chatted anxiously in the dark auditorium. The auditorium had no lights but the stage lights, which helped create the concert- like atmosphere. The auditorium was also very hot

St. John’s very own DJ Zeke was also at the event and supplied the music for the students involved in the show. He played a wide variety of music that had every audience member dancing and singing along.

The interactive show lasted until 11 o’clock, and included talents ranging from piano to tap dancing. Raffle tickets were also given out at the beginning of the show, so that students had a chance to win prizes such as bags and gift cards.

The audience sang along to almost every song, including a break- up song written by a guitarist and Quincy Kingston’s inspirational song “Power.”

The show also featured a segment during intermission that highlighted a few of the audience’s talents. Five people were selected to show the rest of the audience what talents they had. Also, ten people were invited on the stage to give their best “I love St. John’s” scream.

Other contestants at the talent show interacted with the audience by serenading audience members, and by asking them to clap along while they sang or rapped. The audience watched and cheered in awe as Doris Cano moved gracefully and elegantly across the stage.

It was also very evident how close the St. John’s University community is, when DJ Zeke asked students to sing happy birthday to a fellow student.

The show ended with a duet by two students. Samantha Peart (Junior) declared the night as being truly wonderful. She said, “I am glad that I got to see my fellow students show themselves outside of the classroom.”

The judges decided on the winners of the show at the end of the night. Quincy Kingston and his inspirational rap song “Power” won third place, Raphael Thomas earned second place, and the Hip Hop dancers claimed first place for the night.

The night seemed to be a very eventful one, and everyone seemed to agree that St. john’s students have plenty of talent.